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Nothing fancy Lord, just a simple prayer…

Nothing fancy Lord, just a simple prayer:

My dear friend Steve is dying; closer than anyone wants or can believe.

His family suffers to watch him suffer like this at the end.

Bring peace and comfort to his wife, his children, his family and friends,

and lead him safely into your loving arms and eternal presence.


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Prayers for rest in body, mind and heart

Everlasting and Almighty God, hear our prayers this day and grant us the rest that comes only from your Loving Presence

Heavenly Father, grant us rest for our troubled minds.   We have many unanswered questions in our minds.  Our minds race, speeding from one anxious thought to another, as the world is not as we want it to be or as we imagined it would be.  News reports of war, of natural disasters, of evil doers and of tragedy cause us to worry.   So Father, we come to you with all that stirs within our minds, trusting in Your loving mercies and provision. Grant us rest for our minds

Jesus, Messiah, grant us rest for our weary bodies.  The worries of our mind cause physical tiredness.  Our physical labors cause exhaustion; our illnesses weaken our bodies and make us further vulnerable to yet other illnesses.  We see it in ourselves, in those whom we love, both near and far.   It seems like each day, there is news of another loved one or acquaintance with something wrong, some disease, something to wear out the body.   So Jesus, You who suffered physical affliction and choose to enter our physical world of pain, we come to you with all our afflictions, the physical weariness and sufferings of both our friends and family, and ourselves.  Hear our prayer and grant to all we pray for this day rest for our bodies.

O Holy Spirit, grant us rest for our longing hearts.   The circumstances of our lives and the troubles of this world often leave us with a deep longing for something more.   Though we have much to cause us to give thanks, yet there remains an unsettledness in our hearts, that all is not yet as it should be.   Many times we turn to you when our hearts are lonely and stirring within, but sometimes we look to other things to distract us and bring us comfort.  Forgive us, Holy Comforter, and help us to trust in you and find a peace that passes understanding.   Grant us rest for our longing and wandering hearts.

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.


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A Prayer for Individual and Communal Healing

Mighty Creator, Loving Father, Compassionate Healer; we come to you this day as a congregation of your people.  We come to you as a sign of our dependence upon you and our faith in you as our God, our Redeemer and our Healer.

As we come to you, we are thankful that we are not alone in this world with our hurts and our wounds.  Grant us O God, strength to face the hurts of our past lives.  May our sufferings cause us, not to despair, but to look toward you and to see your movements of grace and care for us.  We pray for each and everyone here this morning, that in this gathered time,

there may be healing begun,

healing continued or

healing strengthened.

We pray not just for ourselves this morning, but also for the many hurts and sufferings of people and people groups that have left deep wounds and fractured lives and relationships.   Where we have hurt others in our words and actions, forgive us O God.   Where we have sinned against others through action or inaction, forgive us and make us to be a people who show love and work for justice in all places, among all peoples.

As we come to you this day O God, we do not have all the answers. We often feel powerless to solve problems and bring healing in our own lives or in our cities, our county and our world.   So hear us, Gracious Father, as we pray that we might know and feel your healing touch both in our individual lives, our families, our cities, and our world.  Grant that we may join you in your healing work in the lives of those around us and throughout the world.

May your kingdom come and your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  We pray this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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