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Responsive Prayer for Pentecost Sunday

Heavenly Father, on this Pentecost Sunday we pray that your church may yield to your Holy Spirit in everything; that we will acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ and keep in step with Your Spirit in life and service.

We pray this day for the renewal of the church, your church throughout the world.

Come Holy Spirit, renew your church:

  • We pray that we as your church may be unified, that all people may know the truth of the Gospel and come to receive your love and lordship.
  • We pray that we as your church may be holy, that by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit we might be people who take on the character of Jesus Christ, revealing the fruit of the Spirit (the fruit of the new life in Christ, with death to the fruit of our old self-driven lives).
  • We pray that we as your church will be faithful to the mission you have given us and that empowered by the Holy Spirit we will proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to all people, everywhere we go.

We pray this day for the renewal of the earth, for all that you have made in love.

Come Holy Spirit, renew the earth in your creative power that we may know and see your grace and love displayed in all of creation, in the earth, the water, the resources, the beauty, created for your glory and our provision.

We pray this day for the renewal of human culture, for all dimensions of the lives of all peoples and all nations.

Come Holy Spirit, renew all human culture. Forgive and redeem the cultures of the world where we have strayed and lead us back to you:  for governments around the world that they may provide justice and protection and order, for businesses that they may provide meaningful employment and helpful services and goods, for fine arts and music to creatively lead our thoughts and minds toward you, our Creator.

We pray this day for Your forgiveness and restoration.

Come Holy Spirit, forgive and restore us:

  • forgive us for we have fractured your church,
  • we have wasted the resources of this earth and failed to see your hand in all that you have made,
  • we have corrupted our cultures in our sinful unbelief and evil practices.

Forgive us and restore us by the power of your Holy Spirit, and draw us to you as we worship you here and throughout the world. Be glorified in all the earth O Lord and Savior.  Amen.

Hear our prayer in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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“A Prayer for Renewal” – Psalm 51:10

“Create in me a clean heart O God, and renew a right spirit within me.”

Create in me a clean mind, O God,

For my mind is filled with thoughts, evil thoughts, thoughts of lust, thoughts of plans to make and possessions to have.  Thoughts of pleasure. Self-centered thoughts.  Anxious thoughts. At times, wicked thoughts. Not “You” thoughts. “Your ways are higher than ours, Your thoughts are higher; yes much higher.”

So, create in me a clean mind O God, and renew a right spirit with me.

Create in me clean ears O God,

For I love to hear what I should not hear: Praises to affirm my worth, gossip to control others, sound that is noise to crowd You out.

Create in me clear ears, to hear Your voice alone.

Create in me clean eyes O God,

For I love to see that which inspires the mind to sin; to see riches, sexy bodies, the faults of others and much more. Grant that I may see this world with eyes of faith, not eyes of sin; eyes that see hurts and needs of fellow ones on the journey, eyes to see Your beauty, eyes to see good, eyes to see aright.

Create in me clean eyes; loving eyes, redeemed eyes, eyes to see You.

Create in me a clean mouth, O God

For I am full of words; lofty words, prideful words, hurtful words, venomous words. Words that shoot to injure and to kill, words that aim to hurt, words that are meant to make me look good and others look bad.  Words, unholy words!  Teach me to be “slow to speak and quick to listen.”

Create in me a clean mouth, O God.

Create in me clean hands and feet O God,

For my hands and feet are often occupied serving me, my interests and my concerns. O God, give grace that these hands and feet would be cleansed of unrighteousness and used only as instruments of Your grace.

Create in me clean hands and feet O God.

CREATE – because there is a need beyond that which exists in me, because I can not stir it up from within.  You alone can create it.

     IN ME – because “I” am in need, not only “the others.”

          CLEAN – because of sin, filth and dirt encountered in this life and this world; because I live “among a       people of unclean lips.”

               HEART – because it is only at the heart where I can be transformed.

                     GOD – because You alone can create and Your alone can clean, and You alone can transform my heart.

“Create in me a clean heart O God, and renew a right spirit within me.”

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