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Wrestling with God

Like Jacob, I wrestle.

         I wrestle with you the whole night, until that sacred touch upon my joints, the touch that leaves me healed and humble.

         I am healed for all my strivings, all my manipulations come to naught, in the recognition that I cannot win my own life, make my own way, find my own destiny, but can only entrust myself to the love and mercy of the one who loves enough to come and wrestle. 

        And I am left with an eternal reminder, that despite all my axious plans and pursuits, that it is You who creates and sustains.        

        It is You that attends the daily walk of the crippled one that I am.  It is grace that calls me to walk with You.

Like Jacob, I wrestle until I trust the ladder is for real.  

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A short prayer for a friend in need

Lord, have mercy.

Give strength where strength is needed,

peace in the midst of storm,

and rest for all who love well and serve from an open and honest heart.


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“The Lord is my shepherd” – Psalm 23

O God, Your Word tells us that You are a shepherd to Your people.

Shepherd me and help lead me to a place of deep satisfaction and contentment in you.  You are all I need.

Green pastures and quiet waters sound so wonderful;  restore my soul O God and guide me in Your way.

O God, Your Word tells us that though we experience loss and death you are a shepherd to your people.

Shepherd me and comfort me with Your presence in the midst of dark valleys, fears and doubts.

O God, Your Word tells us the You provide and protect Your people.

Shepherd me with provision and protection that my life and faith may overflow.

O God, Your Word tells us goodness, love, and mercy are with Your people throughout life and forever.

Shepherd me that in Your goodness, love, and mercy I might live with You forever.

In the name of Christ, the Great Shepherd of the sheep, I pray. Amen

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“A Morning Prayer”


My heart’s desire is to be used up for you, to be poured out in a life of love for others.

Yet, I find there is another desire working in me.  I know it to be misguided, I know that it is not Christian. It is a desire to have people love me, for them to acknowledge my wonderfulness and be impressed with me.  I cry out for my needs to be met. “Give to me,” I say to the world and the people around me.

And yet, I know of another way in Christ.  A way that calls me to “Give away” my life; a way that calls me to love God and others and not just self. It is a way that says giving and thanksgiving is a better path.

O Lord, Heavenly Father, give grace to your child this day; grant mercy and strength and all that is needed to live a life with and for you, so that I might be a grace to another.


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Isaiah 35:1-10

Almighty God, our Heavenly Father; you have saved us with a great salvation, you have been merciful to us and not dealt with us as our sins deserve, you have graciously blessed us and through Jesus Christ your son have called us your children. You have poured out your Spirit upon us to guide, comfort, empower, and aid us on our journey till the end.  You have poured out your Spirit upon us to strengthen us to serve you in this world.

Yet, there are times Lord, when we feel like we are in the desert just like the prophet Isaiah alludes to.  We grow tired and our strength fails us for we are really weak.  Some of us are discouraged this morning; all kinds of things discourage us. Some of us come with burdens too heavy to bear, for there are all kinds of weights that burden us.  Some of us come with problems, with illnesses, with heartbreak, for this world is not always generous, nor fair.  Some of us come with sin and guilt; our hearts tell us that we are not right with you and our neighbors. Some of us come looking for your mercy and forgiveness.

We know Lord it is not just us individually in need today.  The whole world needs you.  Peoples from every tribe and nation and language stand in need of you today.  Asia needs you.  Africa needs you.  Europe needs you.  South America needs you.  Australia needs you.  All the nations all over the earth need you, for you are the Creator and Lord of the earth

And so Lord, hear our prayers for all those who are needy this day, both great and small.  Hear our prayers for others and hear our prayers for ourselves.

Let there be rejoicing in the wilderness, joyful singing in the desert land of life.  Display your glory and splendor once again and let us see you.  Strengthen our hands, encourage our legs.  Take away our fears and make us strong in faith. Save us, Lord Jesus!

Let the blind see and the lame walk, lead us on your Highway to Holiness that we may truly live for you.  Hear our prayers today.  Let us come and worship you.  Let sorrow and mourning flee away and everlasting joy and gladness be with your people through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

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