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Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

Lord God, I have read it and heard it so many times.  As a worship leader I have chosen Psalm 150 for a call to worship.  

   “Let everything,  everything that has breath”

Perhaps it is the “thing” that distracted me, thinking of only things like trees and stones, like lions and alligators, you know lord, “things.”  But here at this time and this place* I see that everything with breath, means all people, and people of all different nations, tribes, and groups; people of all different status, personality, and persuasion.  We are all called to praise the Lord.  We are all called to praise You!

Yet, as worship leaders, and as a worship leader at a Christian College, varied and diverse in many different ways, how can worship services become the service and the praise of all the people.   Must we worship in diversity in diverse times and place forever?   How can we who have breath, breathe in the Holy Spirit and give breath to our praise in ways that join our praise together.

Forgive me and forgive us for self-centered needs, ideas, and whims that divide our breath from you into seperate breaths. Grant that we might acknowledge that each and everyone of us live by only the breath you breathe into us, and that Your breath deep inside us seeks to breathe out your praise with every other person the breath that exclaims, “Praise the Lord.” Teach us your ways O Lord!  Amen.

*Prayer on my heart in response to our 1st session at the Calvin College worship symposium and NetVUE Conference in Grand Rapids, MI

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