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“Be our Rock”

Heavenly Father and Almighty God, we turn to you in the midst of our personal need and the great need of the world today.

Pay attention to us O Lord. Come quickly to help us.

Pay attention to our need for help in the midst of busy lives.

Pay attention to our need for health and strength in mind, body and spirit.

Pay attention to our need for deliverance from addictions, from discouragement, from troubling circumstances and tough situations

Pay attention to our need for forgiveness.

Pay attention to our prayers for others, close and far away,

            For those who are hungry today

For those who are in slavery, in places of war, in abusive and hurtful places.

For those who need your deliverance

For those who need new life and hope in the midst of despair.

Come quickly to help, O Lord

Be the Rock that we go to for safety.  Be the strong fort that saves us.

From our laziness, from our busyness, from our abundance and our lack.

From our sin and its ill effects on those around us and from the results of others sin in our lives.

From temptations, from weather, from emotional distress and depression.

From all things which distract us from your love and your purposes for our lives.

Be our Rock O Lord.  And indeed you are our Rock and Our Fort.

Lead us this day and guide our way,

That we might walk truly in your way,

And so bring honor to your name.

In the strong name of Christ our Lord we pray.  Amen.


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