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“The Lord is my shepherd” – Psalm 23

O God, Your Word tells us that You are a shepherd to Your people.

Shepherd me and help lead me to a place of deep satisfaction and contentment in you.  You are all I need.

Green pastures and quiet waters sound so wonderful;  restore my soul O God and guide me in Your way.

O God, Your Word tells us that though we experience loss and death you are a shepherd to your people.

Shepherd me and comfort me with Your presence in the midst of dark valleys, fears and doubts.

O God, Your Word tells us the You provide and protect Your people.

Shepherd me with provision and protection that my life and faith may overflow.

O God, Your Word tells us goodness, love, and mercy are with Your people throughout life and forever.

Shepherd me that in Your goodness, love, and mercy I might live with You forever.

In the name of Christ, the Great Shepherd of the sheep, I pray. Amen

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