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A prayer of response to the preaching of the Gospel

Heavenly Father, hear our prayers as we respond to your Word today:

Grant that we might reach out to you in faith like the woman in the Gospel who reached for your garment to be healed.

Grant that we exercise our faith by offering our all like the boy who gave the fish and bread and the widow who gave her last coin.

Grant that we might get out of our comfort zones like Peter who got out of the boat and walked to you on the water.

Grant, Lord Jesus that we might not be like the Pharisees who rejected you and your ways and fought against you.

Grant that we might not hold on to other loves and idols in our lives like the rich young ruler did.

Grant that we might be like the disciples who waited on your Holy Spirit and experienced your peace and your power to serve your purposes.

Grant that we might be like all those who received you and those whom you lovingly and joyful call your children.

Grant that we might always live as those who respond positively to your grace and are being transformed to your likeness

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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Out of control

controlHeavenly Father, Creator and Sustainer of all life,

I have come to understand how much of my life is obsessed with control.

I want to be secure, so I try to control processes and ends that give me security.

I want have purpose, so I try to control my time and efforts to assure that they make me feel important and meaningful.

I want success, so I try to control my image and the “truth” about me I want people to know.

I want to be loved, so I try to control relationships in ways that meet my need for people to like and to value me.

I want to control, so that I, like Adam before me, may be like God.

Forgive me, O Father, Creator and Sustainer of all life,

Cause me to trust in you and have faith in your many mercies,

that I may be free from the desire and need to control.

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