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“A Morning Prayer”


My heart’s desire is to be used up for you, to be poured out in a life of love for others.

Yet, I find there is another desire working in me.  I know it to be misguided, I know that it is not Christian. It is a desire to have people love me, for them to acknowledge my wonderfulness and be impressed with me.  I cry out for my needs to be met. “Give to me,” I say to the world and the people around me.

And yet, I know of another way in Christ.  A way that calls me to “Give away” my life; a way that calls me to love God and others and not just self. It is a way that says giving and thanksgiving is a better path.

O Lord, Heavenly Father, give grace to your child this day; grant mercy and strength and all that is needed to live a life with and for you, so that I might be a grace to another.


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