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Congregational Responsive Prayer based on 1 Thessalonians 5:14-24

LEADER 1: Brothers and sisters in Christ, we urge not to be lazy in your spiritual life or in you studies in college for God.

ALL:  God will make this happen in us, for he who calls us is faithful.

LEADER 2: Encourage those who are timid and fearful. Take tender care of those who are weak. Be patient with everyone.

ALL:  God will make this happen in us, for he who calls us is faithful.

LEADER 3:  See that no one pays back evil for evil, wrong for wrong, or bad words for bad word, but always try to do good to each other and to all people.

ALL:  God will make this happen in us, for he who calls us is faithful.

LEADER 1:  Always be joyful.  Never stop praying.  Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.

ALL:  God will make this happen in us, for he who calls us is faithful.

LEADER 2:  Do not stifle, quench or hinder the Holy Spirit in His work in your life or that of others.

ALL:  God will make this happen in us, for he who calls us is faithful.

LEADER 3:  Do not scoff at preaching, teaching, and those who share God’s word with you.  Just test everything that is said. Hold on to all that is good. Stay away from all every type of evil.

ALL:  God will make this happen in us, for he who calls us is faithful.

FINAL BLESSING:  (Could be all three voices together or one other)

Now may the God of peace make you holy in every way, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless until our Lord Jesus Christ comes again.  God will make this happen, for he who calls you is faithful.


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Contemporary Prayers based on Psalm 113

O Heavenly Father, You have shown us your great and deep love for us in Jesus Christ your son.  And because of your great love for us we today join with your people throughout many generations and praise the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Let the name of the Lord be praised today, throughout all the earth.  From the rising of the sun till it’s setting, both now and throughout all eternity, may the name of the Lord be praised.

As we come to you today, there are many things the occupy our minds and make our hearts anxious, but you are on the Throne over all the earth, and we know that you are not worried about the future, you are not anxiously fretting as are we, you are the mighty God and you have all things in your hands, nothing escapes your sight.   Yet in your majesty, you stoop to our weakness and care for all of us whom you have made.

You raise the poor from the dust and lift the needy from ashes; O Lord, hear us as we pray today, for some of us are among the poor and needy.

  • Some of us are poor in health and we need your strength, your comfort, your healing touch, that we will be well again and give praise to You.
  • Some of us are poor in our spiritual life – we have been running from you and your call upon our lives, we need your forgiveness and a second chance, another chance to come and walk in your way.
  • Some of us are poor in our hearts, our attitudes are not good and we are taking it out on people around us; touch us and bring us to our senses that we might truly live for you.
  • Some of us have financial need or need for employment. Lord, hear our prayers.
  • Some of us are needy because of a great loss in our lives, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, the loss of a friend. God heal our hearts; help us to grieve as people with hope.  Save us from despair and cause us to turn to you and praise you again.

Hear also our prayers for our families and homes. Hear the prayers of young people praying for their parents to come to know you and to live godly lives.  Hear the prayers of parents praying for their children; those who pray for the young children to grow in the knowledge of Christ and walk in His ways and those who are praying for their adult children who have wandered from you and your love and need to rediscover your mercy and grace.

Hear us O Lord; hear our prayers of petition this day.  Hear our praises we lift you alone!

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“Cleaning house” – Mark 11:15-17 & Isaiah 56:1-8

“Lord God of hosts, invade our cluttered churches, clogged with religious baggage, and do a good house cleaning among us so that there is room for the one thing needful, for prayer.  Amen”

Isaiah 56:1-8

The Lord says to his people, “Do what is just and right, for soon I will save you. I will bless those who always observe the Sabbath and do not misuse it. I will bless those who do nothing evil.” A foreigner who has joined the Lord’s people should not say, “The Lord will not let me worship with his people.”  A man who has been castrated should never think that because he cannot have children, he can never be part of God’s people. The Lord says to such a man, “If you honor me by observing the Sabbath and if you do what pleases me and faithfully keep my covenant, then your name will be remembered in my Temple and among my people longer than if you had sons and daughters. You will never be forgotten.”

And the Lord says to those foreigners who become part of his people, who love him and serve him, who observe the Sabbath and faithfully keep his covenant: “I will bring you to Zion, my sacred hill, give you joy in my house of prayer, and accept the sacrifices you offer on my altar. My Temple will be called a house of prayer for the people of all nations.”The Sovereign Lord, who has brought his people Israel home from exile, has promised that he will bring still other people to join them.

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Isaiah 35:1-10

Almighty God, our Heavenly Father; you have saved us with a great salvation, you have been merciful to us and not dealt with us as our sins deserve, you have graciously blessed us and through Jesus Christ your son have called us your children. You have poured out your Spirit upon us to guide, comfort, empower, and aid us on our journey till the end.  You have poured out your Spirit upon us to strengthen us to serve you in this world.

Yet, there are times Lord, when we feel like we are in the desert just like the prophet Isaiah alludes to.  We grow tired and our strength fails us for we are really weak.  Some of us are discouraged this morning; all kinds of things discourage us. Some of us come with burdens too heavy to bear, for there are all kinds of weights that burden us.  Some of us come with problems, with illnesses, with heartbreak, for this world is not always generous, nor fair.  Some of us come with sin and guilt; our hearts tell us that we are not right with you and our neighbors. Some of us come looking for your mercy and forgiveness.

We know Lord it is not just us individually in need today.  The whole world needs you.  Peoples from every tribe and nation and language stand in need of you today.  Asia needs you.  Africa needs you.  Europe needs you.  South America needs you.  Australia needs you.  All the nations all over the earth need you, for you are the Creator and Lord of the earth

And so Lord, hear our prayers for all those who are needy this day, both great and small.  Hear our prayers for others and hear our prayers for ourselves.

Let there be rejoicing in the wilderness, joyful singing in the desert land of life.  Display your glory and splendor once again and let us see you.  Strengthen our hands, encourage our legs.  Take away our fears and make us strong in faith. Save us, Lord Jesus!

Let the blind see and the lame walk, lead us on your Highway to Holiness that we may truly live for you.  Hear our prayers today.  Let us come and worship you.  Let sorrow and mourning flee away and everlasting joy and gladness be with your people through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

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“Help, O God!” (Prayers from Psalm 121)

O God, help us.  Help!  We all need help in our lives Lord.  There is not one of us who does not need your help.  Yet often in our pride and arrogance, sometimes in our confusion or doubt, sometimes in ignorance or sinful desire, we seek help from others; other places, other people, other things.

O God, we will lift up our eyes to our money and possessions, to people in powerful positions, to those who have all the answers, to physical strength and military might.  No, not to these, for where does our help come from?  Our help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Forgive us for the times we turn to other things to give us courage, to give us hope, to give us freedom, to meet our needs.  Teach us O Lord, again and again to turn to You, for only in you do we find true and satisfying help.

You promise O Lord you will watch over us. Us as a people, we as individuals.  You promise you will watch over us and never sleep.

You promise your will guard us from harm.  Us as a people, we as individuals. Both night and day you will keep us.

You promise to watch over us.  Us as a people, we as individuals.  You promise to watch over our lives in all our comings and goings.

We pray this morning, heavenly Father, that you will watch and keep us as you promise.  That in all of our need for help, no matter what it, you will cause us to turn to You – our helper.

Hear our prayers this morning for our own personal needs Lord.  For ____________ and __________ and __________…

We pray this morning, heavenly Father, not just for ourselves but for our family, friends, for Christians throughout this world serving you, for those yet to know you as Lord and Savior; for these hear our prayers this morning.

And now, O Lord, may we be ever reminded that our help comes from You, the Maker of Heaven and earth.  And may we ever turn to you, who has said to us “Come unto me…and I will give you rest”.


May all glory and honor be to you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in whom we trust our lives.  Amen

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