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Change my heart, O God

God of Grace and God of Greatness, You bless us this morning with Your presence.  We are humbled as we consider our place before You.  God of Love and God of Mercy, You bless us this morning with Your Presence.   We are thankful as we consider how You have lavished us with your everlasting love.  Thank You Father, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Holy Spirit.

Change.  Lord that is a word we do not like.  Change.  It brings out our deepest fears, plays on our insecurities, leaves us nothing to fall back on but You.  And perhaps that is why life never stays the same, that it is constantly changing; so that we might learn in simple faith to fall in your arms of love and power.

And so we pray this day O Lord, as your people.

Change us. Change our hearts.

            Change our fear into faith, our weakness into strength.

            Change our sinfulness to faithfulness, our despair into hope.

            Change our pride to humility, our loss to gain.

            Change our desires that we may desire only You.

            Change our minds where we have thought wrongly.

            Change our actions, where we have behaved wrongly toward You and toward others.

            Change our hearts, where we have labored to hold on to grudges, bitterness, and anger;

            Change our hearts to forgive as you have forgiven, to love as your have loved us.

            Change our cowardice to boldness in our witness to You.

            Change our priorities, to care about that which you care about: people, lives, love.

            Change our worship, that we may honor You more than pleasing ourselves.

Change us.  Yet not just us O Lord. Change our church, change Your church!  Change our nation, our leaders, those who influence our society. Change the world, bring peace where there is war; help where there are needy, good where there is evil, love where there is hate.

Change our hearts O God.  Through Jesus Christ our Lord we pray. Amen

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