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Why is it so hard to change, O Lord?

Why is it so hard to change, O Lord?

I see the problems.

I see the need.

I see a better way.

I long for a better day.

Why is it so hard to change, O Lord?

Help us and deliver us O Savior; hear our prayer. Amen.

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Lifelong Prayer of the Child

Dear God,

Someone to notice me

Someone to laugh with me

Someone to cry with me

Someone to choose me

Someone to love me just as I am

Please hear my prayer. Amen.

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My Heart’s Desire

To walk as You walked

To see as You see

To love as You love

This my prayer, my heart’s desire

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Wrestling with God

Like Jacob, I wrestle.

         I wrestle with you the whole night, until that sacred touch upon my joints, the touch that leaves me healed and humble.

         I am healed for all my strivings, all my manipulations come to naught, in the recognition that I cannot win my own life, make my own way, find my own destiny, but can only entrust myself to the love and mercy of the one who loves enough to come and wrestle. 

        And I am left with an eternal reminder, that despite all my axious plans and pursuits, that it is You who creates and sustains.        

        It is You that attends the daily walk of the crippled one that I am.  It is grace that calls me to walk with You.

Like Jacob, I wrestle until I trust the ladder is for real.  

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An abridged “Irish Prayer”

The Love of the Father is all around me,

Jesus Christ before me.  Christ behind me.

Christ at my left and Christ and my right.

The Holy Spirit dwelling within me,

therefore I will love and serve Him my whole life long.

*From the prayer attributed to St. Patrick.
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Breath prayer

Breath prayer

Incline my heart toward your ways, O Lord.

Turn my heart from worthless distractions.


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Prayer for the children amongst us

Jesus, in your words and in your actions in the Gospels, you show that you love the children, though many saw them as only an annoyance.   As you blessed the children so many years ago reach down in our day and bless the children.  Hold the children who are brought to adoption agencies and the foster care system into your loving and protective arms.  Protect the innocence of all children.  Come alongside of all children who feel alone, insecure, unwanted, or unloved and bring them into the light of your love and goodness, that they may know You as their refuge and strength and find family in Your church and among Christians. Amen.

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