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Prayer of Samson (Judges 16)

I shall get what I want by playing the game; I shall get what I want for I am strong.

I grow weary of the game, but I shall get what I want. I want and I shall satisfy.

I am tired to death, the game is over, I have lost the heart for it, I’ll tell her my truth.

“I will go out as in others times and set myself free!”  I am strong! I shall be free!

BUT, I did not know that the LORD had LEFT me! 

Why should I have discerned such a thing, have I ever been aware of Your presence Lord?  I have been doing and working and playing and fighting and winning with the strength of my might.  Yet, now I lament as I feel the gouge, the pain, and the limits of my might and my strength. I am alone; the sport of the woman and the men who surround me. I am weak and lost and all alone.

“Lord God, remember me and strengthen me this once more…I am man, not mighty, not god…Come back for I can only find strength and help in the One from who all might is to be found. So remember me and strengthen me this once more O Lord.” Hear my prayer.

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